Our Story

Greenspace started with the aim of making commercial vertical farming accessible to everyone leveraging cutting-edge technology to grow local food in a new and better way. Greenspace develops, implements and licences sustainable large farms that minimize the need for land, water, energy and pesticides that add value to surrounding real estate. Our networked controlled growing environments apply bright innovative ways to create efficient seed to sale cloud data analytics. Integrated edible green infrastructure helps leading building owners achieve asset improvement, farmers licence turnkey fully operating farms as a business, and consumers have access at all times to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. At scale we address the challenges of climate impact and changes in consumer food demand with traceable food production farming systems that help relieve pressure on scarce land, resources and boost biodiversity reducing waste with zero food miles. by activating underutilized space with sustainable food production, local sourcing, fresher produce and global flavors. Please contact us info@greenspace.com

Project Benefits

Reasons why local organic produce Is good for Tenants, Restaurants and the Community

Local food production is generally easier on the environment with much shorter supply chains than large-scale farms. When you know where your food comes from and who grew it, you know a lot more about that food. The key benefits about sourcing as locally as you can is you’ll get better quality from smaller producers than you would from larger places, buying from your community helps everyone in the vicinity, local produce is fresher, it creates jobs and make the experience of dining with you more memorable.

Urban Agriculture

We intend to embrace the local food movement and disrupt the supply system by on-boarding only the best-in-breed urban farmers in cities everywhere with instant operational tech-enabled growrooms to produce quality fresh food - primarily microgreens, baby leaf vegetables, berries and herbs - in controlled environments using sustainable methods, with a long-term commitment to improving health and reducing CO2 emissions. Our growrooms use less energy for harvesting and transportation and don’t use pesticides, hormones or other chemicals and provide the perfect light, nourishment and environment for healthier produce, higher yield, better flavor.

Thanks for taking the time

If your interested please contact us info@greenspace.com to help us rollout amazing vertical hydroponic farms that produces ultra-fresh and highly-nutritious crops. The growing techniques are centuries-old, the agricultural technology is cutting edge and the aesthetics look as if they are from the far-off future. Our crops are grown ‘hydroponically’ in a controlled environment. This means that they are cultivated using small amounts of nutrient-rich water and no soil.